I’ve written hundreds of articles, tutorials, technical documentation, editorials, news spots, and reviews over the past 10 years or so. Below are some samples of articles I’ve had published online if you’re looking for a sample of my work or if you just want to troll me into oblivion!


I love video production. Whether I’m in front of the camera or behind it, editing, or storyboarding, it’s one of my passions that I can lose hours in.

To date I’ve shot and edited hundreds of videos, many of which can be found on the GeeksPodcast YouTube channel. However, I’ve also done freelance video work in a variety of capacities including event promotion, healthcare web spots, commercial and industrial real estate, training videos, web series, product tutorials, and weddings.

You can check out some samples of my work below, but if you have any questions or business inquiries, feel free to contact me for pricing and availability.

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